Meet Your Makers

  • International Market Boxes: Larry’s Central Market

    We visited Larry’s Central Market, located at 1626 Sassafras Street to find out about the different types of international products and goods that they carry in their store. Learn more about the history of Larry’s Market and how they got their start in Erie.
  • International Market Boxes: Fadak Market

    Fadak Market has been serving Middle Eastern Foods from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Palestine for the past 10 years. Learn more about the family-owned business, Fadak Market which is located in downtown Erie by reading this blog!
  • International Market Boxes: Kamana Asian Food Mart

    Nepal Native and owner of Kamana Asian Food Mart, Bhagirath Bista, opened this Asian inspired food mart in 2018 after moving to Erie from Nepal. Learn more about where he gets his goods and what kinds of food they have in this blog.
  • International Market Boxes: DK International Foods

    DK International Foods, located on the East side of Erie, is a popular grocery store that has a large selection of International foods. Read more about DK International and all that they have to offer the community.
  • International Market Boxes: Europa Delicatessen

    The fourth market in our International Market Box series is Europa Delicatessen, which is an eastern European specialty store.
  • International Market Boxes: Peace Market

    Peace Market is located at 1154 E 26th St and stocks frozen meats, vegetables, packaged pantry staples and drinks from different parts of Africa. This blog features the items we selected for our third International Market Box.
  • International Market Boxes: Almadina Supermarket

    The second market in this series is Almadina Supermarket at 2325 Parade Street, which is an Iraqi/Syrian/Turkish market with tons of unique products. We selected some of the ones that caught our eye for the box that some of our customers purchased in July.
  • International Market Boxes: UK Supermarket

    To kick off this series, we visited UK Supermarket at 1105 Parade Street, which is a Bhutanese/Nepalese market that has fresh produce, frozen foods, bulk staples, snacks and drinks.