Meet Gone Local's New Intern, Katherine Innes


Women sitting and smiling at the camera
Meet our new intern, Kat! Katherine Innes is a senior at Slippery Rock University who will be graduating in May 2022 with a Bachelors of Science in Communication: Integrated Marketing. During her time at Gone Local, she will be assisting with marketing and social media, product photography, website maintenance and content, and business strategic planning.

Originally born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Kat moved to Erie in 2007 because her mother had many family members up here and wanted to be close with them while they were growing up. A resident of the City of Erie, Kat attended Villa Maria Academy for High School where she spent her time participating in volleyball, skiing, theater/show choir. While in college, she played several intramural sports, including dodgeball, volleyball, and basketball. 

When Kat first entered college in 2018 she enrolled as an exploratory major which allowed her to take many different classes that she might be interested in. The second semester of her freshman year at Slippery Rock she took her first communication class which was titled “Intercultural Communication.” This class was the perfect introduction to her newfound Communication major, because it gave her a holistic view of the field.

Some classes that she took within her major that really helped lead her down the career path that she wanted to take was a social media class, a class called “new media journalism”, and a series of PR and marketing classes. When taking these classes she could see herself working within these fields. 

Kat visits Erie each weekend to work at her parents’ restaurant, Local Eat and Pour. She often helps out with the social media and photography for their business, which has provided a lot of valuable experience in her areas of interest. A huge inspiration to Kat is her father. She watched her dad be a partner within a very successful business for many years and inspired her to work as hard as she can and always do what she loves. 

Kat’s goals after graduating college include finding a job as a social media manager; or something in the marketing field. She also plans to travel all over the world to places such as France, Italy, Albania, Spain, the Country of Georgia, and many other countries across Europe. 

Within this Internship with Gone Local, Kat wants hands on experiences that she can take with her into the real world. Many of the classes that Kat has taken have only been hypothetical and she wants to get her feet wet as much as possible. She is excited to get more familiar with photography, social media, web page design, and polish up the ability to market herself with cover letters and resumes.

We’re so excited to have Kat on board and we can’t wait to grow along with her!