International Market Boxes: Larry’s Central Market

Larry’s Central Market, located at 1626 Sassafras Street, Erie PA 16502, has been in business since 1926 when owner Larry Adiutori immigrated from Italy. This market has been at its current location since the 1950s. It has moved three times previously and has had five different generations of the family working at the market. 

Two workers behind the counter at Larry's Central Market

Larry’s currently offers Italian, Latin, and Asian snacks and seasonings as well as fresh produce, frozen foods and a popular deli selection. This was the first market in Erie to introduce and bring in the “Goya” brand to the area. 

Two bottles of Larry's Italian Spice

When Larry’s Central first opened up, they were strictly an Italian market, but as time and the demographics of Erie have changed, they started to offer more varieties of food and product that cater to their customers' preferences.

Produce section in Larry's Central Market

Included in this box were duros, whole garlic, maizena beverage mix, dried guajillo chiles, cremas de coco, sazon goya seasoning, guava paste, tropi-cola soda, costa dablon, and abuelita hot chocolate mix.

Brochure featuring fifth generation Larry's employees, as well as their current address and facade.

Brochure featuring market box contents

Larry’s Central Market has so many different options to try. Read more about our International Market Box project at

Special thanks to Erie Downtown Partnership and Erie Arts & Culture for making this project possible.