International Market Boxes: Kamana Asian Food Mart

Owner Bhagirath Bista opened Kamana Asian Food Mart in 2018 after moving to Erie from Nepal in 2011. It is an international market specializing in South Asian produce, and frozen goods and food from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, China, and Bangladesh! 

The owner makes weekly and sometimes twice-weekly trips to New York City from Erie to make sure his store is stocked with the best and freshest foods.

Gone Local Gift Box with Kamana Market products

Kamana has many different options to choose from when walking into the store, representing many different countries. These items can range from instant noodles from Nepal and India, to popular crunchy snacks from Bangladesh. All products are organized on shelves and coolers that are located all throughout the store.

Included in this box were tapioca flour, kheer mix, hog plum power, fried peas, akabare noodles, cane sugar jaggery, wai wai noodles, and coconut candies.

Meet Kamana Market owner Bhagirath Bista poster
What's inside Kamana Market different food options

Check out Kamana Asian Food Mart at 1230 French Street in Erie PA and also check out more of our international boxes at

Special thanks to Erie Downtown Partnership and Erie Arts & Culture for making this project possible.