International Market Boxes: Fadak Market

Fadak International Food Market is a family-owned business that has been up and running for the past 10 years, specializing in halal and Middle Eastern Foods from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Palestine. Owner Jawhad and his family are all originally from Iraq.

Owners of Fadak Market behind the counter

Fadak Market is located at 2601 Parade Street in downtown Erie.

This market also has a full-service deli meat section as well as a restaurant where they serve hummus, pita wraps, kabobs, couscous, spices, different drinks, sweets, and much more. Not only do they serve and sell foods, but they also have an organic alternative for a toothbrush! The toothbrush uses the root of the Peeli tree, which is a common replacement for modern plastic toothbrushes. 

Photo of isle in Fadak Market, Erie PA

Included in this gift box were couscous, halva with pistachios, rock candy with saffron, orange flavored drink, momo masala, mastik, and the miswak natural toothbrush.
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Special thanks to Erie Downtown Partnership and Erie Arts & Culture for making this project possible.