International Market Boxes: Europa Delicatessen

Store shelving with jars and cans stacked on display.

The fourth market in our International Market Box series is Europa Delicatessen, which is an eastern European specialty store. Europa is located at 2404 Peach St and is owned by Georgiy Akopyan and his son, Artur.

Georgiy moved to Erie from Armenia in 1992 and started Europa Delicatessen in 2011. Over the past 20 years, the Delicatessen has grown to serve many different populations including Ukrainian, Bosnian, Croatian, Armenian. and Russian immigrants.

A man with a blue hat and sunglasses standing in front of retail shelving.

The store includes a meat and cheese deli in addition to two enormous aisles of dry goods, candies, baked goods, and frozen items. Georgiy's favorite items in the store are the various Russian and Eastern European fruit sodas.

In this box, we included: Covrigei pretzels, Fructal fruit juice, Tula Pryanik, Gulas I Paprikas seasoning mix, Polish and Ukranian candies, Smoked sprats, spring soup mix, and Balichok dried fish (like jerky!).

A gift box full of products from eastern Europe, including sweets, soup mix, snacks, and canned meat.

While the deadline to order our international market boxes has passed, we look forward to more projects in the future!

Special thanks to Erie Downtown Partnership and Erie Arts & Culture for making this project possible.

A brochure detailing information about the market in this blog post and its owner.

A brochure detailing information about the products listed in this blog post.