International Market Boxes: DK International Foods

DK International Foods is a popular food mart/grocery store which is located on the East side of Erie at 2122 Buffalo Road.

Outside shot of DK International Food

This international market has many different authentic food options from all around the world including Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, African and Indian foods. They have large produce and frozen sections with many different options to choose from. 

Shelves of foods and snacks at DK International Foods

The owner of the store, Deepak Pakhring, took over this location several years ago and added many more international products to the store including a larger variety of southern and central Asian options.

DK International’s shelves are stocked with many different rice options, dumplings, international snacks, toffee, noodles, refrigerated goods and so much more! Included in this box were burmese style noodles, jhal-muri snack mix, ma hwa cookies, tamarind paste, and banana sauce.

About the owner of DK International Foods
Different types of food DK International foods offers

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