International Market Boxes: Almadina Supermarket

For the second box in our International Market Box series, we visited Almadina Supermarket, located at 2325 Parade Street.

Family-owned Almadina Supermarket has served the East Side since 2017. Manager Murtada Al-Saad's family emigrated to the US from Southern Iraq in the 1990s. Their unique selection of products ranges from Turkish, Syrian, and Iraqi to Lebanese and Bosnian foods, serving a wide audience of Erie's immigrant populations.

a gift box filled with snacks from Iraq and Turkey

Almadina carries bulk candies, dried fruits, rice, fresh bread, teas, and coffees. This box contained Al-Aseel Peanut Puffs, Sadaf Pickled Mango, Instant Arabic Coffee, Puck Creamy Cheese Spread, Mann Al-Sama (nougat sweets), Baraqiz sweets, Sesame and Walnuts candy, and a Dark Chocolate Wafer Bar.

To preorder our next box (only one more remains!), head to by Sunday, October 3rd.

The outside of a brochure featuring the information about Almadina Supermarket that was mentioned in this blog post, as well as an image of a gift box and storefront mural.
The inside of a brochure featuring a list of the snacks mentioned in this blog post, and an image of a mural