Spend Homemade Day with Owner of Workingman's Cake Kathy Fling

woman holding a tray of cake

This year for Homemade Day, we want to shine light on a local business that has found much success here in Erie. The Workingman’s Cake, created by Kathy Fling, has been a popular sweet treat in Erie that has made itself known over the years. The homemade cakes, which make it easy to transport your favorite dessert, have taken Erie by storm since Kathy introduced the product in 2017.


Kathy grew up watching and being inspired by both of her parents, who each had a love for baking and cooking. She'd always known she was a decent baker because of the experience she had baking with her mother. After graduating from Clarion University in 1977, Kathy moved to Erie to pursue a Master’s degree at Edinboro University and begin an internship with a local nonprofit. It was there that she began baking for coworkers, and soon was asked to provide her goods for birthdays, parties, and fundraisers. 


After many good years of hobby baking, it was a fundraiser at a local nonprofit where she did her internship that kicked off her business. Soon after, she entered a contest for entrepreneurs at Gannon University, where she placed runner-up. Through this contest, Kathy met Kris Wheaton from Mercyhurst University who helped her with her initial marketing strategies. As a part of the Erie Quickstarter campaign, Kris and some PR and Communication students from colleges around Erie helped out with creating The Workingman’s Cake logo, their first campaign video, and social media marketing.

three packages cakes in brown paper and twine


Kris also helped Kathy with the design of the package, which is one of the most identifiable aspects of The Workingman’s Cake brand. When the project first began, Kathy had started out using the name “Workingman’s Cupcake.” Kris and Kathy were thinking of ways to ship the cupcakes without smashing the icing that was on top. That's when they got the idea to put the icing inside of the cupcake and change “Workingman’s Cupcake” to its current title, The Workingman’s Cake.


Since officially beginning her baking business, Delectabites, in 2003, Kathy has debuted several products, which include The Workingman's Cake, as well as an assortment of cake pops, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods.


Before she retired from a local nonprofit in August of 2021, a goal that she set for herself was to keep this business going after she retired. The work-from-home license that she has through the PA Department of Agriculture has allowed one other person to assist her. Thanks to her husband, she has been able to keep that goal alive and continue running the business from home.

a cake wrapped in brown paper on a table next to a pen and paper

Kathy has a very popular five-star Etsy shop that sells her signature cakes, cake pops, cookies, and cupcakes. Not only does she have her regular sweets but she also has gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan options. You can find The Workingman’s Cake at the Gem City Dinor, Ember & Forge, Pressed, and right here at Gone Local.


Special thanks to students Katherine Innes from Slippery Rock University and Erika DePalma from Edinboro University for contributing to this blog article.