Gone Local Has a New Intern!

Meet Gone Local’s newest intern, Claire Mulard! Mary Claire Mulard, who goes by ‘Claire’ is an upcoming senior at the University of Dayton who is studying Communication and Media Production. While she is an intern here, she will be helping with graphic design and creating social media content.

Claire was originally born in Washington, D.C., and moved around many times before her family decided to land in Erie, PA. They moved here in 2004 because it is where her mom was born, and she had many family members here. Claire is the youngest of three siblings; she has an older brother and sister who have since moved out of Erie after graduating high school and college. 

While going to school in Erie, Claire attended Tracy Elementary, Westlake Middle School, and was a graduate of Villa Maria Academy in 2019. Some of her favorite hobbies include playing piano, singing, painting, drawing and traveling. Some fun facts about Claire are that her Dad is 100% French, and she went backpacking across Europe by herself last summer. She also is featured and has writing credits on a song that is uploaded to Spotify. 

When Claire first started school at Dayton, she was originally a business major and switched over to Communication and Media Production her sophomore year. Some of her favorite classes that she has taken as a Media Production major include a Publication Design class and an Audio Production class. Claire's passion for art and music have been a big inspiration while finishing up her degree. 

Some of Claire’s post-graduation goals include doing more traveling, as well as moving to an urban, populated city to settle down. Some work-related goals that she has include working with popular brands and creating marketing strategies for them. 

During this internship, Claire is excited to be able to grow her portfolio and help create graphic design materials that Gone Local can use for their marketing and website. We are so excited to have Claire as a part of our team!