Erie's Most Iconic Eateries: Luminary Distilling

Apple cider is a fall must-have! Luckily, right here in Erie, we have some of the best locally-made apple cider you can get. Luminary Distilling / Fuhrman’s Cider is located off of the i90 exit at 8270 Peach St. in Erie, PA. Owners Joel Normand and Maria DiSanza kindly gave us a behind-the-scenes view of the process of making both their apple cider and alcoholic products! Every year they make their apple cider from September through December. We learned that this business follows a strict process that ensures they get their cider out all across the county.

Fun Facts about apple pressing at Fuhrman’s:

  • Apples are purchased from Post and Burch farms in North East, PA
  • Each bin of apples is 800lbs, two bins are used per batch
  • 1600lbs = 130 gallons of cider
  •  Luminary presses about 3-4 1600lb batches per day = 6-7 a week
  • Apple pulp is provided to local farmers for pig feed and compost (they have lots available!)

If you are craving some of Fuhrman’s apple cider and don’t know if you can make it to their location, do not worry! You can purchase their cider at a number of locations in Erie. This includes Country Fair locations, the downtown location of Gordon’s Meat Market and Port farms during the fall season. You can even make special orders if you do not want your apple cider pasteurized. 

Furhman’s Cider originally opened in 1896 at its original location on East Gore Rd. After a tragic fire that burned the building down, the original owners eventually decided to reopen in its current location on upper Peach St and soon after sold it to Joel and Maria. When we got our tour, they were kind enough to show us their distilling process as well. We got to see them making their Vodka Wine, some of their bourbons, tequila and whisky! We also got to see some of their apple pie moonshine being made with their signature apple cider. The aromas we were getting during the tour were incredible. 

After our amazing tour, we sat at the bar, and tried a donut from the bakery as well as their Peach Basil signature Mule, both recommended by the bartender. At Luminary/Furhman’s, purchase baked goods and pepperoni balls, sit down for a meal or a drink, grab some cider and a bottle of spirits, and stay for a game of shuffleboard! This location is open year round, but time is running out to get your hands on their iconic apple cider, so make sure you check them out ASAP!